Klong Khao Daeng Boat Trip, Pranburi


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Klong Khao Daeng Boat Trip, Pranburi
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Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park covers an area of 61,300 rai. The terrain is limestone mountains in the Perimian Age about 280-230 million years ago. Mixed with coastal plains, lagoons and shallow waters And islands lined near the coast, up to 30 kilometers.


Fresh water flows down through Klong Khao Daeng to the sea.

Another highlight of the geography is the water plains on the west side of the park or called Sam Roi Yot fields. The former is a bay that contacts the sea. It was later blocked by sediment and sand dunes. And fill up with the fresh water from the land. The sediment is more and more gradually become a brackish water and freshwater fields, respectively. The water level in the fields is 3 meters. The fresh water from the mountains and creeks has drained through Klong Khao Daeng to the sea.



Klong Khao Daeng village

Locals people living around, both are the original and the new migration. The villagers have a small coastal fishing career and tourist services. The another villager came to make shrimp ponds that flourished in the past. But now it has decreased.



Wat Khao Daeng

Tourism Authority of Thailand Office of Prachuap Khiri Khan Together with many organizations, there is an Hua Hin  international Jazz  festival at Hua Hin Beach. On May 18-19, 2018, is an opportunity to be invited to music. I also have a day out to relax by boat cruise Klong Khao Daeng.



Coffee shop at Wat Khao Daeng

The boat headed for the crooked canal. Both sides of the canal are wetland. There is a wide variety of vegetation. The open area, which influenced the salinity of the flooded sea, but did not flood consecutive.



Tourist boat in the crooked Klong Khao Daeng.

Take a boat at Wat Khao Daeng. I see a nice coffee shop when entering the parking. I ordered a cool lemonade to quench the heat. Observation in the coffee room is attached to all with the grilles That made to protect the naughty monkey. One boat can pack up to 6 people, so we only have three people, it’s quite comfortable. The sun is very hot. But when I am sitting in the shade of boat, Can’t tell you how cool it is.



The stone are shaped like a crocodile that is climbing hill.

Both sides of the canal are alternated with Low hills and high hill. Let's enjoy the beautiful scenery along the crooked nature canal. Some of them are shaped like a crocodile that is climbing hill. Some rock is seen like in the shape of a monkey face, etc. The name of the canal follows the color of the hill called "Khao Deang". There are also monkeys, fish or crab out to show on the bank of canal.



Colorful fishing boats

Then the boat was returned and out to the Gulf. The boat run through the village. The fishing boats at the shore, some of them are very colorful. We have sightseeing with the Fisherman’s village and sand dunes wide. Visitors in the boat ride through each other have a cheerful face, with scenic photography. Total Trip distance is about 4-5 kilometers.



Tourists enjoy photography.

The boat service fee is 500 baht per 6 persons (excluding the entrance to Sam Roi Yod National Park, 40 baht each). It takes about 1 hour. If you choose time between 4 pm to 5:30 pm, you will enjoy the view in the sunlight in the evening. And if the weather is clear, you may have a sundown image. End of the trip with the merit of Wat Khao Daeng. All of It make me have happiness.



Wide sand dunes at the point of Klong Khao Daeng join the sea.

Go to Khao Daeng Temple from Kui Buri downtown. Take Highway 1026, heading to Sam Roi Yot National Park. Drive to the National park. and then drive along the 4020 rural road to Khao Daeng. There will be a left junction at Wat Khao Daeng. The pier in front of Wat Khao Daeng.

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More information

  1. From the 4020 road in Sam Roi Yot National Park, Strat is approximately 45-60 minutes up to a 360 degree viewpoint.
  2. Laem Thong Seafood Restaurant, Local Food Tel. 089 543 4992
  3. Visit Phraya Nakhon Cave. Time to go to the cave before 11.00 am, the sunlight will fall to the castle in the cave.
  4. Accommodation closest to Stella Resort. Nice weather, beautiful views, quiet location. Pets allowed.
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