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Who kill Whale
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The Pilot Whales


In daily life, you do not think that. You may have killed one whale or more if you’re routine starts with buying a sandwich and a bag of tofu milk for breakfast, a lunch is a noodle shop for lunch or curry is packed in plastic bags.

Sad news…….

On the evening of May 28, 2018, in the social media world, news of the Short fined Pilot Whales came into the canal, Na-Tup, Tambon Na Tap, Amphoe Chana, Changwat Songkhla. His body length 4.5 meters, weighs about 500 kg, has some symptoms, no swim, does not eat, The Aquatic Veterinarian tried try to treat whale. But later on June 1, it was reported that the whale died.

The death of a whale is tragedy. After Whale death, that make more worrying. The body of a whale was moved to the Marine and Coastal Resources Research and Development Center, Lower Gulf of Thailand. To prove whale's organs are not normal. When the esophagus cut at the end of the stomach, there are 85 plastic bags weighing 8 kg. Probably from a whale have a plastic bag floating. Then enter to the stomach and clogging to death.


A pilot whale may come in a canal that contacts the sea.


Reflection of sea trash from whale belly

Waste plastic bags 85 pieces weighing 8 kg. in the belly whale. The illness of whale from eating plastic bags in Songkhla, it is a clear reflection. The problem of plastic waste has already impacted marine life.

Journal of the Royal Society of Thailand. Ranked 6 out of 192 countries According to a survey conducted by the University of Georgia researchers in 2015, Thailand is ranked the 5th in the world with the world's largest landfill. (Information from the seminar. "Critical landfill to sea trash:  what will be the solution?" by The Environmental Institute. Chulalongkorn University,.... Continue reading at: )

Where does the waste come from?

Most of the marine waste is not from fishermen. But due to the presence of garbage, it’s not properly stored. That’s more than 500,000 tons per year. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Reported that most of the marine waste came from tourist attractions such as plastic bottles, foam bottles, etc.  And some of the waste from fishing such as nets, ropes, etc., excluding other waste. Found in the sea, such as plastic bags, water covers and cigarette scraps, etc.

The garbage is not just tourism. Some of these waste products will be discharged into the water from the canal to the river, and eventually a part of the waste will enter the ocean.

The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (NTC) has ranked the most common trash in Thai seas in 2015. The most common is the plastic bag. Bottle / Bottle, cigarette / cigarette butt, foam cup / foam box, glass beverage bottle, plastic beverage bottle, cup, cutlery

Do you sure? Plastic bag you use on a daily basis. Not the same as that in the whale belly.


More about whale and orca  


Whale beach themselves…..

The study data indicate that. There are 78 species of whales and dolphins in the world, but only 10 species are found at the beach themself, such as the physeter macrocephalus, the long-finned whale. Globicephalamelas, Orcinus orca, tursiops truncatus, pilot whale, etc.

Every year there is news that there are a number of whales and dolphins on the beach. This area is often repeated. There are only a few places in the world, including the Fair well Spitz on the South Island, or South Island New Zealand Hamelin Bay in Western Australia. Sometime be found in hundreds. That called. "Mass stranding" or "multiple stranding"

The major cause is believed to be due to a crash in its journey. The magnetic lines help the world. Most single standings are caused by illness or injury.

By: Thattaya Anussorn

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POSTED BY Web admin | Monday, June 4, 2018 - 20:15
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